I'MMA BAD MUTHA: The Rockstar Poetry Project​!​!​!

by The Rockstar Poetry Project

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Discopoetry’s Rockstar Poetry Project is a Spoken Word driven, “Funk/Rock” ensemble rooted in the traditions of both Gil Scott Heron and the Jimi Hendrix Experience. In its entirety the band is 12 pieces of hard rocking, bass thumping, funk “sanging” fury. Led by the prolifically poetic, almost acrobatic Khari B., the Rockstar Poetry Project is louder, wilder and more fun than one could ever imagine poetry to be. With gifted guitarist Frankie Blaze joining Khari B. at the helm and a collection of some extremely notable musicians in their own rights this ship is rock-eting into ears, souls and music collections worldwide; easily billed as the band to see again and again.


released December 11, 2012

Discopoet Khari B., lead voice
Frankie Blaze, lead guitar
Aum Mu Ra, rhythm guitar
Jeff Harris, bass
James "Cuz" Thomas, drums
Mwata Bowden, bari sax
Kevin Nabors, tenor sax
Corey Wilkes, trumpet
Tina Howell, background
ZPia Renee, background
Saalik Ziyad, background
Khari Lemuel, electric cello



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The Rockstar Poetry Project Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: The Rockstar Poetry Project - Being Me Is the Sh**!!! (clean)
Being Me Is The SH** (unedited version)
-parental discretion advised-

I’ve seen a lot of cool cats N my time
caught some sweet rhymes
checked some fine dimes
slip away with lames
wondering Y it wasn’t like that 4 me
I’ve seen it as a crime
as I’ve been passed over 4 this or that
time after time
guys doing grimy shit
getting all the benefits
nickel & dime niggas
living million dollar lives
while in the meantime
I lived the old paradigm
of nice guys finishing behind
But it’s cool
By the time it’s bedtime
digested daily doses of bullshit
with powerful mental enzymes
thanked God 4 his blessings
& drifted off 4 dreamtime
I know that everything is as cool
as the sunshine on the shoreline
in the summertime on a breezy afternoon
Despite living in this cesspit
of hypocrites, pulpit pimps, and presidential nitwits
I must admit being me
is the shit

I love being just who I am
Damn the rest
God made me the best
Living this life w/ fire and grit
Being me is the shit

I thank God everyday
4 blessing me 2 live another day
Doing things my way
Using this wordplay
like my sensei’s swordplay
Not conceited
But I won’t downplay my divinity
4 some1 else’s comfortability

My DNA is that of royalty
so I got every reason 2 B happy
Life is my forte
making me ready
2 get any day underway
But that’s how U do
when U recognize
that U R as powerful as any sunray
I shape my own payday
which can happen all 2 infrequently
This word is 4 the people
so I continue 2 spit
cuz being me is the shit

* chorus *

I’m the little legged muthafucka
Nationalistic supa brotha
movin all the people furtha
2 burn this system down

Ain’t neva been afraid of being me
Used my nationality 2 set me free
descended of those from the bottom of the sea
Not 2 ghetto
Not 2 bougie
Being me is the shit


The doors of the Church of the Funky Soul
R now open
U ain’t got 2 B N the choir
2 sit in this pulpit
This outfit is 4 the spiritually legit
the halfwits, tight-knits, & dimwits alike
Only the counterfeit clones R unfit
2 kick it here
We don’t want them 2 transmit
any of that negativity
2 our soon 2 B close knit family
But don’t trip
We’ve got a place 4 U 2
If U submit 2 the Divine voice Nside of U
Commit yourself 2 the knowledge
that the Creator made U perfect
Don’t allow any culprit 2 convince U
that your self love is narcissistic
rather than simple healthy and realistic
Embrace your own spirit
& admit
being the best U that U can B
has its benefits

Look em dead N the eye
& say it adamant
Being me is the SHIT!